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USBOXLA certified coaches are required to pass an online training course in order to better understand the basics of box lacrosse. Only coaches who have passed this required training are permitted to instruct USBOXLA player members. 

“Unfortunately, for many decades in the US, coaches were attempting to teach box lacrosse to youth without any real knowledge, experience, or understanding of the sport,” said USBOXLA Co-Founder Shaydon Santos. “American youth either learned the sport the wrong way or gave it up entirely because they did not enjoy the hybrid game they were being taught.

“At USBOXLA, we ensure coaches are provided the tools and knowledge to instruct the sport properly; the way Canadians have been playing it for countless decades, the way that works. How can players be expected to play box properly when the coaches teaching them have never learned the game? It’s why USBOXLA ensures proper game, player, coach, and official development is provided to all of our members.”

Among the almost 1,500 USBOXLA certified coaches currently instructing the sport in the US, many also include highly experienced box lacrosse coaches with hundreds of combined years of National Lacrosse League coaching and playing experience. These coaches help establish the USBOXLA coaching framework.

USBOXLA certified coaches are included in the association's annual review of the USBOXLA Rule & Situational Book. Coach's highly valued feedback is reviewed and used to make improvements to the existing set of rules governing the game in the US. This dialogue is integral in ensuring USBOXLA sanctioned box lacrosse is appropriate for the current US market. 

Coaches that have excelled at their club level are considered for roles with Team USBOXLA every summer. Team USBOXLA represents the best pee wee, bantam, midget, and U18 players in the US, and also includes top coaches currently coaching the sport in the country. See more at

How to Become a USBOXLA Coach
Once a club, league or facility has become an Official USBOXLA Sanctioned Member, they will have the ability to provide their coaching staff with this required online training. Not a USBOXLA member? Click or tap here to find out how to become one or visit to find a USBOXLA member club near you.

Access the Backstage PASS Coaching Certification Portal
Backstage PASS Coaches Certification Portal