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Girls Division

Girls Division at the USBOXLA Nationals

It was just a few years ago that Americans thought that boys box lacrosse was just that poorly attended, roll the ball out indoor league played in the off-season.  Today, we know that players were playing with the wrong sized nets, using the wrong equipment, playing by the wrong rules, not being taught correctly and simply weren't getting any of the benefits those canucks north of the border were.

Well, boys in America have discovered the real game of box and all its benefits in a big way by doing it right.

Now it's time for girls to step up and play box the right way.  The benefits of playing box whether you're a girl or a boy are undeniable.

The USBOXLA Nationals is the biggest and best box lacrosse tournament in the USA.  There's tons of excitement, the best refs in Canada and the USA, the stands are full, it's in Huntington Beach, California and best of all we have girls teams there too.

If you're into developing great players, if you're into having some serious fun, if you're into being a leader in your community by offering cutting edge skill development sign your team up.

But don't take our word for it. 


Girls Academy at the USBOXLA Nationals

Last year NCAA Canadian superstar Danita Stroup and her father NLL Hall of Famer Dan Stroup led the well attended Girls Academy at the USBOXLA Nationals.

This year we offer a free pre-USBOXLA Nationals Academy for your registered team and their coaches. 

Your coaches are invited onto the floor to take part and listen in on elite level Canadian box instructors that specialize in girls box lacrosse.

Whether you're offensively minded, defensively minded, a player who loves the face-off circle or plays between the pipes as a goalie,  USBOXLA Academy coaches will provide position-specific training to ensure great gameplay at the USBOXLA Nationals.

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Players - 4-7pm
Goalies - 4-7pm

The Rinks Irvine

Equipment Needed:
Full box lacrosse equipment including helmet, mouth guard, gloves, shoulder pads and elbow pads. Rib and bicep pads are recommended but not mandatory. Wear a jersey or pinnie to cover your equipment.

Helmet with throat guard, mouth guard, gloves and jock are required. Goalie sticks, pants, shin guards and uppers are available to loan for this training session if required. 

No Cleats. Basketball or running shoes only. The surface is sport court and not turf/grass.

Specific Instructions:
All participants are to meet on Corey Rink fully dressed ready to go at 4pm sharp. 

Cost for Player Academy:
Free to registered teams.

Cost for Team Registration at USBOXLA Nationals
$1650 per team

Individual Player Registration - No Team? No Problem!

Join Northwestern and Team Canada Superstar Danita Stroup on the Huntington Beach Girls Box Lacrosse Club.  These teams are made for individual or small group players like you, cutting edge players ahead of the curve.

For more info and to register please click here