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ABS - Advanced Box Skills™ Training System Launches

By USBOXLA Announcement, 11/21/20, 2:15AM PST


The US Box Lacrosse Association proudly presents the ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ training system for boys and girls.

USBOXLA challenged our coaches to think differently, to strip down typical Canadian box team drills so that an individual player anywhere in the world could meaningfully develop Advanced Box Skills™ regardless of the program, the number of players or the resources around him or her.

A goal, a bucket of balls, a friend or two, a phone and some space is all that is required for the ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ training system.

Coach Colin Doyle (6 x NLL Champion, NLL MVP, Toronto Rock, Team Canada,  2x FIL World Cup Gold), one of the game’s greatest players is the host of the ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ training system.  Doyle weaves our sport’s unique history and its superstars with ABS Workouts that can be easily followed on a player's phone going from one drill to the next, from warm up, to passing drills to advanced box skills, to conditioning.  Doyle’s ability to teach the advanced skills of box lacrosse in a simple way is showcased throughout the entire ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ training system.

Coach Matt Brown (DU Associate Head Coach, Team Canada offensive coach,  2x FIL World Cup Gold), takes a deeper dive into advance box concepts with the ABS Video Breakdown as bonus material for players at home with their phone and a few minutes to spare.  Develop your box IQ from one of the game’s brightest minds as coach Brown breaks down National Collegiate Box Series games.

Lacrosse superstar and PLL MVP Zed Williams teaches his skills and signature moves that simply dominated the 2020 PLL Season.  Zed focuses on simple, scalable maneuvers to get his hands free, moves developed on the Seneca Nation in boxes and backyards that shuttered defenders and stole the spotlight on the PLL’s biggest stage.

Mark Matthews (2 x NLL Champion, NLL MVP, Saskatchewan Rush, Team Canada, DU (all-time points), 2x FIL World Cup Gold), teaches us his moves developed in the outdoor boxes in Whitby, Ontario that we have seen dominate field and box at every level of play.  From one handed passing and development skills to ultra-advanced 2-man-game maneuvers that make Matthews one of the hardest players to defend in the game of lacrosse.

Canadian lacrosse icon Dan Dawson (20 yr NLL Pro, NLL MVP, Toronto Rock, Team Canada,  2x FIL World Cup Gold), the undisputed master of the swim move, breaks it down right, to give a new weapon for players eager to find space in creative ways.  San Diego Seals defender Cam Holding focuses on fundamental stick work drills never before seen.

For girls, all of the ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ workouts are co-ed.  In most cases our coaches are teaching 12-14 year old boys and girls at the same time, using the same drills and skills.  Girls can use their field stick, or a box stick, no equipment is needed, providing a perfect entry point into our sport and its superior skills.  ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ coach Erica Evans, 2019 NCAA National Champion with Maryland shows us why she was one of the most dominant players in the NCAA,  a product of Canadian box, she routinely swaps out her girls stick with her box stick with these skills to show just how similar these two sports and their skillsets are.  If you like scoring, ABS is revolutionary; nothing will push you further faster.

Hall of Fame Philadelphia Wings goaltender Dallas Eliuk, widely regarded as the greatest goaltender of all time presents ABS - Advanced Box Skills™ for Goalies Volume 1, a 17 part instructional series.  Dallas focuses on the proper fundamentals of that position, building towards advanced techniques. For beginners or veterans there is simply no-one in the world better to emulate than the game's all-time best.  The product includes one-on-one mentorship from Dallas himself to set goalies on the right path and towards their dreams.

Players and goalies, boys and girls, on your own time do more than ‘keep your stick in your hands’, do more than ‘wall ball’.  Learn superior lacrosse skills anytime, anywhere with ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ training system.  You can be learning our game from the very best players and coaches in the world right now, so don’t wait.  Start your ABS Workout today!!

USBOXLA members can take advantage of a 1 month free trial by using code PLAYBOX at checkout

ABS-Advanced Box Skills™ is subscription based, and costs $24.99 per month.  Annual plans are available at the discounted price of $249.99. 

ABS - Advanced Box Skills™ for Goalies Volume 1 can be purchased for $99.99 and includes 2 one-on-one  Zoom instructional sessions with Dallas Eliuk.

Goalies use code ELIUK35 for a $10 discount (exp.Dec 1/2020)

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