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By Maki Jenner , 04/27/22, 1:45PM PDT


USBOXLA is proud to announce the 2022 Peewee, Bantam, and Midget Team USBOXLA West rosters.  These teams were selected from the USBOXLA West tryouts which took place before the Team USBOXLA Western Invitational.   The USBOXLA Western Invitational has quickly become the second largest box lacrosse tournament in the USA with 50 teams attending.

Team USBOXLA West players will be attending the Trevor Wingrove Memorial Tournament in Coquitlam, BC this summer. The Wingrove is one of the most competitive lacrosse tournaments in North America, and USBOXLA is excited to return after a 2 year hiatus.

Below find our Peewee, Bantam and Midget rosters.  Congratulations to the players who made these prestigious rosters and are carrying on the tradition of excellence. 

If you are an eastern player and would like more information on how you can apply for Team USBOXLA East visit this link as the application portal is now open.

USBOXLA Team West - Peewee

First Last Club Position
Jacob Bier Arizona Outlaws Player
Maxwell Bruers MN Stars Player
Zane Bruininks Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Carter Caines MN Stars Player
Cooper Gross Arizona Outlaws Goalie
Hunter Harmon Arizona Outlaws Player
Bracken Hughes Utah Sting Player
Kiefer Krieg Arizona Outlaws Player
Dylan Kryger Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Hudson Ledwith Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Landon Mahlman Denver Elite Player
Finley Maske Jr Seals Player
Quinn Mcloughlin Jr Seals Goalie
Dante Pasquale Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Jack Perkins Jr Seals Player
Magnus Schairer Jr Seals Player
Cooper Yegge MN Stars Player
Audric Yuk Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player

USBOXLA Team West- Bantam

First Last Club Position
Rowe Ballard Denver Elite Player
Case Billings Denver Elite Player
Andrew Boerckel Arizona Outlaws Player
Laird Cassidy MN Stars Player
Pierson DeGracie Utah Sting Player
Xander Eliuk Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Goalie
Alex Ferrell Arizona Outlaws Player
Buchanon Franta (Lefty) MN Stars Player
Forrest Higgins Jr Seals Player
Henry Kopp MN Stars Player
Wayte McKnight Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Colin Ogden Jr Seals Player
Jack Olson MN Stars Player
Max Pasquale Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Ethan Ramsey Jr Seals Player
Payton Sickel MN Stars Player
Jack Schanaman MN Stars Goalie
Nate Snavely Arizona Outlaws Player
Grant Stevens Denver Elite Player

USBOXLA Team West - Midget

First Last Club Position
Brody Anderson Denver Elite Player
Liam (Nitro) Andrews MN Stars Player
Noah Burdick Arizona Outlaws Player
Frankie Crivello Jr Seals Player
Luke Erlandson MN Stars Player
Teddy Hardy Denver Elite Player
Carter Harris MN Stars Player
Evan Henke Jr Seals Player
Sebastian Hrisanthopoulos Jr Seals Player
Dominic Jennings Denver Elite Player
Nick Johnson Arizona Outlaws Player
Sam Myers Arizona Outlaws Goalie
Colton Palowk Denver Elite Player
Ricky Peterson MN Stars Player
Jack Ryan Jr Seals Player
Mason Shull Denver Elite Goalie
Treysen Stewart Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Trent Stewart Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Player
Will Weinstein Denver Elite Player
Harrison Yu Arizona Outlaws Player