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OCBLL original six teams and regular season schedule revealed

By USBOXLA Staff, 04/10/18, 12:15PM PDT


The National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) and the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) are pleased to announce the 2018 Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) regular season schedule, which kicks off on Tuesday, June 12 at the Gilmour Academy in Cleveland. Games will also be played at the Resolute Athletic Complex in Columbus. 

After the successful launch of the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) last year, the OCBLL will be the second active USBOXLA-sanctioned NCBS league, in addition to the CCBLL’s two-team expansion. 

Over the past week, the OCBLL announced the original six teams that will make up this upcoming inaugural season. The teams, whose names were inspired by various state symbols and history, include: Aviators, Bolts, Guardians, Rivermen, Stags and Walleyes

The OCBLL will also be holding a two-day combine, an opportunity for perspective collegiate players to impress team coaches prior to the draft that occurs later in the week. The combine will take place from June 5-6 at the RAC in Columbus. Players who have yet to register but want to play in the OCBLL this summer can apply here

See the full OCBLL schedule below (including playoffs) and stay tuned for other upcoming NCBS announcements on Plus, follow the OCBLL on Twitter and Instagram for the latest on the newest NCBS league.

Date Away Home Time (EDT) Location
2018-06-12 Walleyes Guardians 7:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-13 Bolts Rivermen 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-13 Aviators Stags 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-18 Aviators Rivermen 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-18 Guardians Stags 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-18 Bolts Walleyes 7:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-20 Stags Walleyes 6:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-20 Aviators Bolts 7:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-20 Rivermen Guardians 8:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-25 Rivermen Stags 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-25 Walleyes Aviators 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-25 Bolts Guardians 7:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-27 Aviators Guardians 6:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-06-27 Bolts Stags 7:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-06-27 Rivermen Walleyes 8:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-09 Rivermen Aviators 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-09 Bolts Walleyes 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-09 Guardians Stags 7:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-11 Rivermen Walleyes 6:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-11 Stags Bolts 7:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-11 Aviators Guardians 8:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-16 Bolts Aviators 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-16 Guardians Rivermen 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-16 Walleyes Stags 7:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-18 Bolts Guardians 6:30pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-18 Stags Rivermen 7:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-18 Aviators Walleyes 8:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-23 Stags Aviators 6:00pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-23 Guardians Walleyes 7:00pm Gilmour Academy
2018-07-23 Rivermen Bolts 7:30pm Resolute Athletic Complex
2018-07-25 3rd Place 6th Place 6:30pm TBA
2018-07-25 4th Place 5th Place 8:15pm TBA
2018-07-27 1st Place Lower QF Winner 6:30pm TBA
2018-07-27 2nd Place Higher QF Winner 8:15pm TBA
2018-07-30 SF Winner 2 SF Winner 1 7:00pm TBA
2018-07-31 SF Winner 1 SF Winner 2 7:00pm TBA
2018-08-01* SF Winner 1 SF Winner 2 7:00pm TBA

*If necessary