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Hobart’s Hancock goes to Red Hawks with first pick in CCBLL Draft

By USBOXLA Staff, 06/14/18, 2:45PM PDT


The Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) conducted their 2018 Draft this week, the expansion Red Hawks selecting Hobart junior midfielder Bryan Hancock with the first overall pick. 

Hancock, who scored 12 goals in 14 games during his third campaign with the Statesmen, has spent the last two summers playing Junior ‘A’ and ‘B’ lacrosse in Ontario, Canada, impressing with the St. Catharines Athletics in 2017 where he finished third in team scoring (20GP, 19G, 24A).

A total of 17 NCAA DI programs were represented in this year’s draft - both current and committed players - including: Air Force, Bellarmine, Brown, Cleveland State, Colgate, Delaware, Denver, Drexel, Duke, Furman, Harvard, Hobart, Hofstra, Lehigh, Monmouth, Providence and Towson. 

The CCBLL regular season starts Sunday, June 17 at the Foothills Fieldhouse in Denver. In addition to the Red Hawks, the league will also welcome the expansion Blizzard, to go along with last year’s founding four members – Bighorns, Fighting Bison, Gold Miners and Stoneflies.

Below, check out all 18 rounds of the 2018 CCBLL Draft. 

Pick Rd. Team Player Pos. Class School/Committed
1 1 Red Hawks Bryan Hancock F Junior Hobart
2 1 Blizzard Nick Williams F Freshman Hofstra
3 1 Gold Miners Darius MIller G High School Grandview High School
4 1 Stoneflies Brandon Connell G Junior Colorado State
5 1 Fighting Bison Skylar Whinery G Sophomore Texas State
6 1 Bighorns Chad Kreuzer F Sophomore Furman
7 2 Blizzard Connor Fox F Sophomore Brown
8 2 Red Hawks Jake Govett F High School Delaware
9 2 Gold Miners Troy Loper F Junior UCSB
10 2 Stoneflies Matt Pollack F Freshman Kenyon College
11 2 Fighting Bison Jake Taylor F High School Regis High School
12 2 Bighorns Chandler Nayman G High School Cherry Creek High School
13 3 Red Hawks Benjamin Cecil G High School Uncomitted
14 3 Blizzard Austin French F Junior Denver
15 3 Gold Miners Grant Breeden F Freshman Colorado State
16 3 Stoneflies Payton Lester F High School Kent Denver High School
17 3 Fighting Bison TK Hammond F High School Highlands Ranch High School
18 3 Bighorns Anthony Ferrie D Junior CSU-Pueblo
19 4 Blizzard Danny Logan F Sophomore Denver
20 4 Red Hawks Aaron Boyd F Freshman Denver
21 4 Gold Miners Josh Barow F Senior Delaware
22 4 Stoneflies John Bowler D Junior Duke
23 4 Fighting Bison Connor Donahue F Senior Denver
24 4 Bighorns Isaac Atencio D Sophomore Cleveland State
25 5 Red Hawks Austin Mello F Sophomore Vassar
26 5 Blizzard Lance Tillman F High School Valor Christian High School
27 5 Gold Miners Zach Hutchko F Sophomore Denver
28 5 Stoneflies Colby Lensing F High School Uncomitted
29 5 Fighting Bison Nate Marano F Junior Denver
30 5 Bighorns Willy Gunn F Senior Lehigh
31 6 Blizzard Jacob Petau F Sophomore Colorado College
32 6 Red Hawks AJ Guralas F Junior Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
33 6 Gold Miners Oscar Mahoney D Junior Oregon
34 6 Stoneflies Richie Connell F High School The Hill Academy
35 6 Fighting Bison Trevor Baptiste D Senior Denver
36 6 Bighorns Mason Donato G High School Uncomitted
37 7 Red Hawks Rylan Lemons D Freshman Utah
38 7 Blizzard Ty Bradley D High School Monmonth
39 7 Gold Miners Jesse Rosenblatt F Junior Colgate
40 7 Stoneflies Jackson Harvey D High School Arapahoe High School
41 7 Fighting Bison Josh James F High School Towson
42 7 Bighorns Colin Rutan F Junior Denver
43 8 Blizzard William Gast F Sophomore Carthage
44 8 Red Hawks Bobby Goggin F Freshman Colgate
45 8 Gold Miners David Funes F Junior Denver
46 8 Stoneflies John Ober D Junior Denver
47 8 Fighting Bison Gianni Orlando D Freshman Air Force
48 8 Bighorns Nick Johnson D High School Arapahoe High School
49 9 Red Hawks Chase Konkel F Junior Delaware
50 9 Blizzard William Gettinger F Sophomore CU Boulder
51 9 Gold Miners Griffin Bonjean F High School Utah
52 9 Stoneflies James Hoots F Sophomore Rhodes College
53 9 Fighting Bison Eric Pacheco F High School Valor Christian High School
54 9 Bighorns Charlie Winsor D Freshman Denver
55 10 Blizzard Joe Kassal F High School Air Force
56 10 Red Hawks Nick Arvin D Freshman Towson
57 10 Gold Miners Jeremy Magno D Sophomore Harvard
58 10 Stoneflies Michael Nastasi Jr. F High School Gettysburg
59 10 Fighting Bison Evan Burgett F Sophomore Clarkson
60 10 Bighorns Matt Soran F Senior Drexel
61 11 Red Hawks Quinn McKone F Junior Denver
62 11 Blizzard Addison Saintilus D Junior CSU-Pueblo
63 11 Gold Miners Caleb Rueth D High School Mullen High School
64 11 Stoneflies Peter Maxwell D Sophomore Onondaga
65 11 Fighting Bison Graeme Warner F Junior Centre
66 11 Bighorns Tristan Snellgrove F Senior Maryville
67 12 Blizzard Keenan D'Arcy D Junior Catawba
68 12 Red Hawks Luke Nachazel D Sophomore Ursinus
69 12 Gold Miners Bradley LaBovick F Senior La Roche
70 12 Stoneflies Cole Baker D Sophomore Delaware
71 12 Fighting Bison Cameron Wilt D High School Cherokee Trail High School
72 12 Bighorns Jake Frane D Freshman Notre Dame
73 13 Red Hawks Nick McCall F Sophomore Washington & Lee
74 13 Blizzard Lance Olson D Freshman Emmanuel
75 13 Gold Miners Josh Kelly F Sophomore Colorado State
76 13 Stoneflies Joshua Bell D High School Providence
77 13 Fighting Bison Trey Digby F High School Valor Christian High School
78 13 Bighorns Woody Kelly F Freshman Denver
79 14 Blizzard Caleb Hurwitz F Sophomore Colby
80 14 Red Hawks Benj Gallegos D High School Dawson High School
81 14 Gold Miners Ty DeLaney D - -
82 14 Stoneflies Sean Duffy D Sophomore SUNY Brockport
83 14 Fighting Bison Ejijah Rueth D High School Mullen High School
84 14 Bighorns JT Simonton D Freshman Bellarmine
85 15 Red Hawks Nikolaus Clinton F Senior Adams State
86 15 Blizzard Connor Jones D High School -
87 15 Gold Miners James Bowers D High School -
88 15 Stoneflies Cole Zarola F High School Detroit-Mercy
89 15 Fighting Bison Carter Haskel D High School Ohio Wesleyan
90 15 Bighorns Nick Selfridge F Sophomore Heidelberg
91 16 Blizzard Schuyler Blair F Sophomore Denver
92 16 Red Hawks Ryan Gossett D Freshman Wheeling Jesuit
93 16 Gold Miners Ian Colaizzi D Junior Colorado Denver
94 16 Stoneflies Zachary Zyla D Junior Colorado School Of Mines
95 16 Fighting Bison Maxwell Butler D Freshman Wheeling Jesuit
96 16 Bighorns Kristopher Juniel D Freshman -
97 17 Red Hawks Jerry Goetzfried D Sophomore -
98 17 Blizzard Matthew Simonton G Junior Colorado Denver
99 17 Gold Miners Garrett Breeling G High School CSU-Pueblo
100 17 Stoneflies Forfeited Pick - - -
101 17 Fighting Bison Mike Ezell D High School -
102 17 Bighorns Benjamin Parker D High School Fairview High School
103 18 Blizzard Travis Larkin F Sophomore Wyoming
104 18 Red Hawks Dillon Ryals D High School -
105 18 Gold Miners Mykael Haney F Sophomore CSU-Pueblo
106 18 Stoneflies Gavin White D Freshman Emmanuel
107 18 Fighting Bison Drake Troyer D High School Norwich
108 18 Bighorns Marco Cisneros F High School -