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Game Play


All games are played in accordance with the USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book.


usboxla membership

All participants must have an active USBOXLA membership.  Any player on your roster that is in violation will be removed from the playing surface.

wooden sticks/WALLS

Wooden goalie or player sticks are not allowed in any division. Walls or Quads are not allowed for goaltending.



All goalies must conform to USBOXLA/CLA Tags on Chest/Arm Protectors and Shin guards.

Novice - CAT 2
PeeWee - CAT 2 (no exception even with doctor note) 

Bantam - CAT 3
Midget CAT 3
HS Elite CAT 3


Please Read Rule #12/#13 in USBOXLA Rulebook for more info.

If your goalie cannot find suitable replacements immediately for the game, a 5 goal penalty shall be awarded to the opposing team.  The team in violation may continue to use Cat 3 goaltender equipment.

5 Minute Major Penalty

If a player receives a 5 min major penalty, the clock will continue to run (except last minute in 3rd period/OT). If the period expires, the penalty shot will proceed.  The offending player will go to the penalty box and 2 minutes will be put on the clock.  The opposing team will then choose any player to take a penalty shot.  The 2 minute penalty shall be served in its entirety (unreleaseable) and play will start with a faceoff.  Any player who receives a total of 4 major penalties in the tournament will be given a match penalty and ejected from the event.



Zero tolerance for punches thrown.  Any punch thrown can result in entire tournament suspension.

USBOXLA Gameplay Coordinators will be notified of any fighting major (which is an automatic match penalty). A match penalty is a 5 min major, game ejection, plus potential suspension for any number of additional games including the entire tournament.  USBOXLA Gameplay coordinator will rule on multiple game suspensions dependent on severity and intent of altercation.


abuse of officials

Please note the USBOXLA Gameplay coordinators will not tolerate abuse of the officials or any staff by fans, parents, players or team officials. The USBOXLA Gameplay coordinators have the discretion to call bench penalties, remove parents/fans from the facility or issue a team disqualification in such an occurrence. 


Appeal process

On-Floor Call Appeal Process - There is no appeal process to protest an on floor call or outcome.  The referees' call on the floor will stand. 


Game play

Official USBOXLA game play

  • 3 x 13 min running time periods.
  • 2 min rest between periods.
  • last minute of the 3rd period is stop time.
  • game clock starts at correct time whether teams are ready or not.  Any team in violation will be given a 2min delay of game penalty.
  • 1 x 30 second timeout per game.
  • if tied after regulation time teams immediately proceed to a USBOXLA Shootout (3 shooters each and home team decides on whether they will shoot first or second).  If tied after that, there is a sudden death shootout round (all rostered players must shoot before any player shoots twice).
  • Medal Games (sudden death period) will have a 5min sudden death overtime period immediately following the conclusion of regular time.  Goalies do not switch ends.  No Timeouts.  No stoppage in time.  If tied after 5min, teams proceed into a USBOXLA Shootout to determine a Medal Champion.


Pool and bracket play

Seeding from pool play is determined in this order:

  • Points - 2 points for a win. 0 points for a loss
  • Head to Head 
  • Goals Allowed - The total of a teams opponents score. The smallest total wins the tie breaker.
  • Goals Scored - The total of a teams score. The higher total wins the tie breaker.


USBOXLA Game play coordinators

There are on-site USBOXLA Game play coordinators at each facility.  If you have questions or concerns they will help.  Please note that there is no appeal process to protest a call or outcome, there is zero tolerance and abuse could result in team disqualification or additional penalties for your team or organization.


Adam Gardner
USBOXLA Referee in Chief