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US Box Lacrosse Association sanctioned tournaments provide players with the highest level of competition in the country, all while ensuring strict safety standards are met in each and every game played. All USBOXLA sanctioned events feature fully certified USBOXLA officials and a USBOXLA Gameplay Coordinator, who oversees the event and ensures the safest possible play. USBOXLA certified officials have successfully completed the USBOXLA Referee Certification Program, ensuring the association’s Rule & Situational Book – the country’s leading and most trusted game-governing guidelines – are adhered to at every tournament. Since 2010, USBOXLA has sanctioned over 300 tournaments in the US, providing a playing environment that fosters safety, skill, and success.


The USBOXLA Nationals are the single biggest box lacrosse event to ever take place in the United States. Hosted in Huntington Beach, California, the three-day event features over 100 teams, 1,500 players, and over 5,000 in total attendance with clubs from all over North America taking part. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded to teams in Novice, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, and High School divisions. Both boys and girls divisions, plus A, B, and C skill levels are available. The USBOXLA Nationals sell out every year. 


2020 Divisions Based on Birth Year

Division Birth Year
Novice 2010 - 2011
Pee Wee 2008 - 2009
Bantam 2006 - 2007
Midget 2004 - 2005
High School Elite 2001 - 2003


USBOXLA divisions strictly follow birth-year-based teams (month of birth does not matter). All players on the floor are the same age.

  • Teams may need to provide proof of age
  • Players can play up but never down
  • Any teams not adhering to this rule will be disqualified immediately

2020 Divisions Based on Class

Grade Class of
3rd & 4th 2028 & 2029
5th & 6th 2026 & 2027
7th & 8th 2024 & 2025
High School B Mostly 2022 & 2023
High School A Mostly 2020 & 2021


USBOXLA class-based divisions are used predominantly in eastern events during the fall and winter to accommodate established travel field lacrosse clubs. A majority of the players on the floor are of the same age group.

  • Teams may need to provide proof of grade/age
  • Players can play up but never down
  • Any teams not adhering to this rule will be disqualified immediately