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USBOXLA Nationals


San Jose, CA

Friday aUGUST 4 - SUNDAY AUGUST 6, 2023



USBOXLA Opening Ceremonies and Best in Box Awards Show  | Presented by Athens Advisors to ignite the event!

A, B and C DIVISIONS IN YOUTH EVENT |  A spot for every level of play

Girls Youth Division | 5 guaranteed box lacrosse games

Women's DivisionJoin the San Diego Palms, Fusion West, BC Storm and All-West All-Stars as an individual or team registration.

Certified Officials | Featuring the top NCBS/USBOXLA-certified referees from across the United States

Team EAST v WEST ALL-STAR GamesThe most competitive box lacrosse players in the United States face off in this winner take all challenge

USBOXLA Academy | The always sold out USBOXLA Academy featuring the sports' top coaches

USBOXLA Goalie Academy with Dallas Eliuk | For goalies who want additional elite level training with the game's very best taking place before the USBOXLA Nationals

Divisions & Skill Level

Division (Birth Years) Open A B C
Novice (13, 14) - Boys (2 overaged players allowed) - -
Pee Wee (11, 12) - Boys (No overaged players) Boys (2 overaged players allowed) -
Bantam (09, 10) Girls (2 overaged players allowed) Boys (No overaged players) Boys (No overaged players) Boys (2 overaged players allowed)
Midget (07, 08) Girls (2 overaged players allowed) Boys (No overaged players) Boys (No overaged players) Boys (2 overaged players allowed)
HS Elite (06, 05, 04) Girls Boys Boys -
Adult Women - - -

Important Notes

Please Read and Understand all Tournament Rules

Tournament Start and End Times
Tournament starts 8:00am Friday Aug 4 through to 2pm Sunday Aug 6th.  Optional USBOXLA Academy starts Thursday Aug 4 at 6pm. 

All games take place in San Jose, CA

Age Groups
To protect the high quality and fair gameplay at this National event age groups are strictly adhered to.   Please consult the age group chart above.

Game Play
All games are played by the 2022/23 USBOXLA Rules and Situational Book . A minimum of 5 games guaranteed per team. 

*Skill Level Breakdown
'A' Level: This highly skilled level includes elite American and Canadian Programs.  Teams are typically coached by former NLL players and coaches. 

'B' Level: A good level of box lacrosse, but a step below 'A' in terms of skill and experience. Ideal level of play for good field lacrosse teams who also do some box training. 

'C' Level: Great fun and safe way to get your teams involved in box.  

USBOXLA Membership
All players must be a USBOXLA member. A link will be sent within 30 days of the event to registered teams that they can pass off to their players to purchase a membership.

All teams must have numbered long sleeve box lacrosse jerseys. No practice pinnies or field uniforms are permitted.