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Check-in/What to Pack


For players arriving at the campus with their parents:


day campers WHERE TO GO

  • meet us at Bill Copleland Arena each day at 8:45pm.  Pick your player up at 3pm.  Evening schedule will be communicated during the day.  Lunch will be served to all players.

OVERnight campers WHERE TO GO

  • you may briefly park your car out front of the Courtyard Residences Building.   After you park your car enter the Courtyard Residences Building and go up the stairs to find our check-in staff



  • get room key and cafeteria wristband (lost room keys are $100)
  • After going through our check in process, please gather your luggage from your vehicle and take it to your assigned dorm room.
  • Dinner will start at 6pm at the Dinning Commons. 
  • We will meet at 8:30pm in the Courtyard of the Pauline Jewett House (our residence building).  Bring your running shoes and athletic clothes.

SFU Wifi

Password: StayHere
SSID: SFUConference
Password: SFUGA2024

For players flying into vancouver (yvr) without parents:


  • For players travelling without parents we will pick up the player anytime after 1pm on Sunday only at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).   We will have your room key with us so you can go direct to you room when we get to campus.  For players arriving Monday morning the shuttle will take you directly to the training facility and we will check you in the dorms after practice that day.  Shuttle service operates at any time of day so select a flight that is convenient to you.


are you going onto the calgary canada day tournament? more info


For players being picked up from dorms by parents


Checking out 

  • anytime on:
    Friday June 28th 8-10am (or earlier if needed)
  • return key to SFU Residence Administration Building


For chaperoned players


Checking out 

  • We offer Airport Shuttles services from campus to Vancouver Airport (YVR) only.  Please book a return flight from Vancouver Airport (YVR) at any time that the shuttle services is offered.  See shuttle times below:


  • 3pm on Thursday June 27th to Friday June 28th at 12pm (Last shuttle leaves SFU at 12pm).   Try to book a return flight no later than 5pm on Friday June 28th.


  • we will coordinate with your player to:
    • return key to SFU Residence Administration Building
    • get on the shuttle at a pre determined time
    • get them checked in at airline and through security
    • we cannot see them to their airport gate however
    • please check with your specific airline for possible mandatory unaccompanied minor fees and take care of those fees while booking your return flights.
    • If there are any cancellations or misses of a return flight we will make arrangements for your player to be picked up from the airport and chaperoned until their rebooked flight.


What to Pack

Rain Coat
Running Shoes
Beach Towel
Lacrosse Equipment
Shoulder pads
Bicep pads
Box Kidney Pads
Elbow pads
Extra shaft
Lacrosse bag
Squeeze Water Bottle (Gatorade type with printed name)
Running shoes